Collection line

Collection from CZ to Romania, Bulgaria and Russia.

  • Do you trade with partners in Romania, Bulgaria or Russia?
  • Do you need help with transport of smaller shipments?
  • Are you looking for a reliable partner that can provide a complete service?
  • Do you need cheaper shipping of small packages?

If you answered at least one question «YES», then let us offer you our newest service: COLLETCTION LINE (

Collection line offers:

  • The transport of the cargo from 100 kg to 22 tons to Romania, northern Bulgaria and Russia.
  • Pickup your cargo from warehouse.
  • Regular departure of the collection vehicle.
  • Daily information about the movement of the cargo.
  • Individual approach and price calculation.
  • The possibility of storing cargo

Collection service will pick up your shipment during the week, then we store it in a warehouse, or we deal directly onto the collection vehicle. Shipment will be delivered during the next week.

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