International road transport

International road transport is provided in various ways. Company ATL is ready to choose for you such a fleet, to ensure that international road transport of your cargo would be optimal and safe.

International road transport is done:

  • in trailers / box vehicles with capacity from 14 to 120 m3 with a capacity up to 24 tons
  • international transport is ensured by a special fleet: thermo and refrigerated vehicles with a capacity of 60-120 m3
  • in "Innenlader" - own special fleet for transporting glass on the territory of Russia

Domestic road transport

  • Domestic road transport is realized from any point of the country.
  • Ensuring car mobile phone based on customer requirements.
  • Domestic road transport carries any kind of cargo containers and cargo.

International road transport

International road transport of goods from any country in the world is organized in the import and export mode.

  • The main specialization is international road transport in Russia - Moscow, St. Petersburg, but also distant Russia - Ekaterinburg, Omsk, Krasnodar, etc ..., the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Baltic countries, Romania, Bulgaria and of course within the EU.
  • ATL provides high standards of service quality and reliability in terms of security of cargo transportation by long-term contractual relationships with more than 250 international shipping companies.
  • The whole fleet is provided under the terms of CMR insurance.
  • International road transports provide these kinds of packages and freight: with all the characteristics, including dangerous, oversized, liquid cargo; standard and non-standard packaging.
  • We also provide transportation of oversized cargo to Russia and CIS countries.Pro further details, please contact our office.
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