Intermodal transport

Intermodal transport uses several modes of transport, while providing transshipment of cargo from one mode to another without involving the owner of the cargo.

Experts in ATL select optimal scheme of delivery of cargo for the customer including minimal transportation costs and maximum service reliability.

  • Intermodal regional transport without using port
  • Intermodal transportation through ports
  • shipping from Asia to Russia and the Czech Republic

Thanks to a close and constant contacts with the main line-container companies, sea  forwarding, terminals in the UK, Finland, Western Europe, South Africa, North and South America, South-east Asia, countries of the former CIS, we are ready to offer our customers a full range of services in organizing intermodal transport of any kind of cargo "door to door". Intermodal transport involves:

  • Empty container to be loaded into the customer's warehouse with its subsequent transport to the port of departure;
  • loading containers at the client terminal or port of departure / transhipment; Terminal processing of containers, inner port expedition;
  • booking of containers and processing of all necessary transport documentation;
  • Monitoring of the container shipping  throughout the shipping route and on time information to the customer about theprocess of the transport;
  • organization of cargo insurance, inspection of supervising company through customs (export / import / transit);
  • transport-forwarding operation of cargo at border crossings CIS, including Extra fleet of vehicles, transfer of cargo from wagon to wagon European wheelbase to the eastern wheelbase;
  • discussion of  transit routes and organization of the transport of dangerous and small cargo of sea and rail transport.
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