Profile of Company

ATL company, which started its operations in St. Petersburg in 1995 as a small transport-forwarding firm, today tooks  a stable position among major logistics operators of Russia. Today, ATL provides services to its clients from Novosibirsk to Prague.
We try to completely and efficiently meet the needs of customers and provide a full complex of logistics services. We also became the owners of our own fleet of vehicles and storage terminal. The company is actively developing logistics consultancy.
Bet on a comprehensive approach to solving customer challenges has paid off. Russian logistical public in person KIA-Centre announced ATL as best transport-forwarding companies of Russia for 2003.
Together with the work on the internal market, the company increasingly reflects the international environment. Obtaining certificates of quality to international standards ISO 9001: 2000 ATL departments in the Czech Republic, Moscow and St. Petersburg has enabled the company to develop an equal partnership with leading corporations in the international market.
The final step in the integration of our company into the world community has become ATL recognition by the international logistical public. In 2003, the international association Global logistics associates chose the Saint-Petersburg department of ATL as its exclusive representative in Russia.
Today ATL is not only a supplier of perfect logistics services, but also long-term partner of major international and Russian companies.

Targets of the company

.. To be leading, dynamically developing company with a good reputation, which creates a qualitatively new complex of perfect logistics services, while implementing and improving a powerful intellectual potential opportunities for workers and modern technology to contribute to society and provide a guaranteed income growth of staff of the company and shareholders ...
  •   Providing a complex of perfect logistics services of the highest quality within the 3PL and 4PL logistics.
  •   Continually achieve increased quality of the complex logistics services
  •   Taking advantage of the latest technological solutions to create, implement and improve services that anticipate customer needs and prevent market requirements.
  •   Expanding the network of regional departments both in Russia and abroad.
  •   Annually to build and improve an effective system of corporate governance.

History of the company

2006: ATL began providing assistance Kalozick children's home in the Leningrad region.
2006: Branch in Krasnodar has acquired the status of a separate department.
2006: The project outsourced logistics services ATL Glass was launched.
2005: ATL celebrated its 10-year anniversary.
2005: ATL became the winner in the nomination «The best transport-forwarding company» according to the results of the rating KIA-Center - "Logistics Operator of Russia» for 2004.
2005: ATL Czech Department received a certificate of quality ISO 9001-2000.
2004: ATL became the winner of the rating "Logistics Operator of Russia», which is engaged in KIA-Center according to the results of 2003, and won the nomination «The best transport-forwarding company».
2004: The Beginning of the project «Education» together with the Moscow automobile and road institute and the Automobile and Road Institute, Saint-Petersburg State-architecture-building university.
2003: Opening of branches ATL Rostov in Krasnodar and ATL Samara in Saratov.
2003: Opening of the storage terminal ATL Terminal in St. Petersburg.
2002: Department of ATL ATL Center and St. Petersburg received a quality certificate ISO 9001: 2000.
2002: Opening a branch ATL Saint-Petersburg in Ivanovo.
2002: Opening of the department ATL Finland in Kotka and ATL Rostov in Rostov-on-Don.
2001: Opening of the department ATL Ekaterinburg, Samara и ATL ATL Siberia in Novosibirsk.
2000: Opening of the department ATL Poland in Warsaw.
1999: Opening of the department ATL Ukraine in Kiev.
1998: Establishment of subsidiary motor transport company ATL Neva, which owns heavy-duty fleet vehicles.
1997: Opening of the department ATL Center in Moscow and ATL Czech in Hradec Kralove.
1995: Founding of the company in St. Petersburg.
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